Web hosting types and how to choose the best hosting Service for your business


A web host is said to be the company that provides a platform for the individuals and the companies to put up their websites that can be accessed by the public. Web hosting makes use of the World Wide Web and hosts more than a single website on its platform. All the websites will have a common server that has connection to the internet. Companies and the individuals who wish to publish their website can get the help of the web hosting services, as this method is considered to be cost effective than having an individual server at the workplace.

Today, several web hosting services companies have come up and are helping out the organizations and the individuals in hosting their websites. You need to understand that these web hosting services are of various types and thus, you need to choose the one that suits your requirements. You can see several top web hosting companies in Dubai providing such services to the people. It is time that you get to know about the different web hosting types, which can help you in choosing a company that can effectively provide you with the services.

Different types of web hosting

The types of web hosting vary with the needs of the clients. Speaking broadly, all the top web hosting companies in Dubai offer two major types of web hosting services to the clients. One is the smaller hosting services and the other is the larger hosting services. The larger hosting services can further be divided into few more types.

  • Smaller hosting services:

This service encompasses a single web page that can be directly uploaded onto the server using the FTP.

  • Larger hosting services:

This makes us of various platforms and softwares and mostly used by companies that needs to upload an entire website onto a common server. Some of the common forms under this hosting include,

  • Shared web hosting services
  • Virtual dedicated server
  • Dedicated hosting server
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Home server
  • Cloud hosting

These two different types of web hosting will give you some information as to the type of hosting server that you can choose for your business needs. Make sure to choose from the best website host server, as a faulty or ineffective server can prove as an hindrance to your business, as well as the server.

Avoid these mistakes while buying a sofa

Are you looking for buying a sofa for your home in Dubai? If you are, then you may get confused and frustrated at seeing the wide range of colors, materials and styles, not to mention the various levels of quality and pricing. When in a confused state of mind, you should not make a decision of buying any choice of sofa, as you may end up regretting your purchase. Here are some common mistakes to be avoided while purchasing a sofas & curtains in Dubai.

  •         Choosing a sofa of a wrong size & proportion

Before you go   out hunting for a sofa you must always take down the appropriate measurements of the place where you want to place it. Once you have decided the room where you want to keep it, you must also decide the number of people you need to seat regularly. If you are replacing your old sofa, then you must take its appropriate measurements. Also visualize the room with the sofa and other objects with it to get an idea what proportion of sofa will look great in the room. For example, if you choose a chunkier or heavier sofa, it will appear large and volumetric, whereas that with slim arms and seat proportions will appear lighter and visually consume less space. Considering this aspect you will be able to select the apt size of the sofa that will fit and look great in your room’

  •         Choosing a sofa having nice looks but quite uncomfortable

You might have chosen the perfect style of sofa in Dubai, but it won’t be worthwhile if it is not comfortable. The looks of the sofa that you might have paid for, maybe just excellent, but what if it is too deep so your feet can’t touch the floor, or is too firm or so soft that you have trouble getting up? All such requirements should be thought about before buying an appropriate piece. Make sure that you select an elegant piece that is also comfortable to sit on.


  •         Choosing a sofa with a wrong configuration or style

Make sure that the sofa you choose complement the style of your house and your existing furniture. Besides matching your lifestyle, it also should be practical and functional. For your modern styled home, you can consider buying a low-line, a sleek sofa that perfectly suits your other contemporary furniture. If you are not on a specific budget, then you can select for a sofa in Dubai that has leather upholstery. Along with the style also think about the configuration of the sofa seats. Will a 2 or 3 seater work in your space or can it take a larger corner? Most of the times, you may find a sofa in a particular style in the size and configuration you want.